10983866_10206946357804248_283370515365620523_nHere are some sharings about Ix’chel mostly taken from Facebook. If you have something you would like to add to this page send it to me (shiva) and I will put it up on here.


Thank you for letting me witness you and be a part of this wild adventure. Each week when I entered your space, I felt honored, inspired, and more alive. You live your life deeply, honestly, and fully. You are truly a poet, a teacher, and a warrior of love. May you continue to have peace, and sweetness in your journey. I love you and am here for you always. -Laura

Last night I read every word on her website. I felt so connected to her as if she was on the other end of a telephone reading them in my ears. I could hear her voice. It was very late, taking me into a non-ordinary state of consciousness where I felt free enough in my mind to talk back. For the first time I actually enjoyed every word of poetry. I told her so. Then I said “You have written the words I have longed to express through the cancer experience. I wished I could have done this for the many bystanders of my own healing journey. I long to do it now, but you’ve already said all that can be expressed. No more words are needed or are worthy of gathering for your work is complete on its own.” She replied to my surprise “Ah, yes you can. It’s your LIFE you must write about now.” This made me realize I have not let go fully of the fear of death even though I am cured from the dis-ease, thusly still experiencing it. It was a ‘wow’ moment for me. I continued to her with a questions, “But how do I form words from my experiences that are so intangible as thoughts compared to the feeling? And how to express it on paper the vastness of the echo that is our breath?” She said, ” You already know how. Just write about your dance.” This hit home as the dance, my life’s work, I know inside out, through and through, up and down, backwards, forwards, under and over. So I began. What came through was what I experience when I take shapes to sounds but guided by her in words. I didn’t know how we were doing it. Until this poem, I felt ashamed for being such an artsy fartsy creature who could never seem to ‘get’ poetry or relate to abstract words read with such dramatic importance that seemed to go over my head and understanding of exactly what the writer is trying to convey. kala_at_rainbowSuddenly, in describing the dance I feel, I became a poet by simply recording the whims of impressions that guide my movements. I feel awoken to a new way of expression that I couldn’t access until she left her body and joined me in such late night intimate longing to connect with her again. We’re doing it! Lifting the veils of the gateway between form and non-form. I feel her here so present with me now, smiling like a goddess, cackling like a witch, giggling like a faerie at our process. I previously felt guilty for asking her so selfishly to come use my body in the remaining hours of her life. Expressing all that felt so vulnerable at a time when every program told me to ‘be strong for her’. But she has inspired me to reach deeper than the programs and tap into authenticity in new layers of radical self expression and acceptance and to share the intimacy of my relationship with her now to others so to highlight the mystery once locked in open-hearted chambers behind sealed lips for us all to share the voyage. I am shaking and queezy at even sharing this much here. I feel like I say too much. Like I am boasting about our experience. She pushes me on and through to offer it here in the perfectly carved space in FB land she created to share just this. Her afterlife through us. I am currently in a new town where all but my beloved are strangers to me and group support in the grief of her transition cannot be expressed in the capacity that being with you all would provide. It is breeding grounds for a new version of myself to enter the meat body and I accept the gift rather than continue the shame that I wasn’t with her more in the final days of her breathing body. That was my attachment, not hers. I see that now. She can do her work with me better here in the desert, set apart from any previous experience I have had where I am open to contact in new dimensions. One more dose of courage will make me hit the send button to share this. She speaks to my heart at this moment “Do it and move on. We have another poem to write about what your resistance feels like.” And so it is…   -Bela

shiva+kalaIxchel, I echo Bela’s beautiful words. Thank you for showing us how to be honest, raw, and authentic, in the face of death. I KNOW this is transition for you– I KNOW, because I went to that edge myself. I went over, and came back, and I can say that angels really will dance you into the light…But this separation is heartbreak. Come back and visit me, in my dreams. -Opeyemi

Ixchel donated to my trip to Africa last year when I went over to help build a medical facility in Tanzania. Her legacy lives on helping other people. I really heartfeltdly appreciate her compassion and generosity in helping others. I miss seeing her posting and writing. I am grateful for her.  -Jim

A very long time ago when Michelle was still married to Arthur, they took me to see a piano/violin duo. I had started playing piano and they thought I might like to watch the pianist in particular. But he turned out to be boring and the star of the recital was the violinist. He danced about with his instrument, a grand smile on his face and I laughed. This was socially inappropriate and Arthur kept trying to shush me as his face got red. But his faced seemed so tiny when I looked at Michelle and saw that she was also laughing. The violinist definitely seemed to enjoy us enjoying his playing. He winked at us often and the three of us shared the music as everyone else just sat there and listened. I forgot all about being polite and almost died of joy when he broke his string at the end – one final twang. As I clapped, I beamed back and forth from Michelle to him and back to Michelle. There are so many special moments I shared with her, but that connection of play and of being unashamed to be happy always persisted. There are very few people who have ever made me feel so special. My aunt, my sister, my friend. -Tina

Ixchel is holding a place of honor on my ancestor altar, and was partying it up with us and our ancestors last night, with a raw veganTriple Goddess Cake and champagne. Then we fed the cake to each other, as I am sure she would like us to do, toasted her, read her poems, cuddled, laughed, remembered, comforted one another and basked in the love we all shared, our love for her and the love for one another, and celebrating how many who were present found each other through her -Asherah

stockingsI had this memory last night of Kala so I had to find the photographic evidence. She said that she’d never worn a proper pair of stockings. Me and my friend Eric decided to remedy that situation for her birthday with a pair of thigh high stockings and a sexy red garter. I can’t remember why the stockings didn’t work, but in the midst of much laughter (laughing so hard we were crying!) the garter was attached to regular stockings instead. Perhaps they were more comfortable? -Liz

Thank you dear one for gracing us all with your shining light self. We will miss seeing your amazing smile and shining ever connecting eyes. We Love you Ixchel. -Meagan

When I laid down today for a rest, I saw your shining face filling a lavender sky, you were radiant with a huge smile and you were telling me with your eyes “This is amazing! Everything we’ve come to believe about our divine spirits and a joyful afterlife is totally true…and SO MUCH MORE!!!….”. My heart is shining brightly for your victory, your completion, your courage, your teaching, your sharing, your humor, your kick-ass originality, your free-spirited spontaneity, your love, your love, your deep, personal love for all of us who have had the honor to share your earthwalk to the very end. We are all one as we come to the ultimate awareness of Love Eternal, one by one. I am singing your praises today and feel your empowered blessings for all of us. -Dagen

I see you around the fire. I see you in the morning sunrise, the afterglow, your smile, your eyes, your radiance. I hear your voice, your fierce words and sweet murmurs, your laugh. I feel you, here, with me, with all of us. I love you dearly, Fire Sister and Wordsmith, Lover, Teacher, Muse. Thank you, with every cell of my being, thank you for you. You are loved. -Lyra

kala_river_on_horsiesI’ve just learned of your passing Ixchel. Something that happened here at the Nottingham house may make sense now. Last night, I was in a women’s circle and we were honoring Gaia. When I got home, there was a friend request for me from someone with the last name Gaia. I did not know her, she was from Pennsylvania, and there were no mutual friends between us. I imagined she may have been someone who “liked” my MotherRoots page and then wanted to friend request me – this wasn’t the case. So I wrote her, and asked her what made her send me a friend request. She said it was an accident, that she’d been looking for a classmate. But when I got out of the car and started walking to the house last night (overlooking where you lived, in the yurt,) I could so feel the presence of something (as I always do on this beautiful land!)and I just had the most spiritually moving feeling as I knew I was being watched over by the Goddess. You are beautiful. I can only imagine the healing you will bring people from the spirit realms. Thank you so much for every single beautiful word you shared with all of us, and for bringing us to intimately into your process. I will never forget you, or this process that you took us into with you. -Melissa

For you, Ix’chel, and you, Shiva. My heart is raw and open today, processing this transition. I am in awe of you. Your radiance, poetry, amazing smile and heart lifted and touched so many. I am honored to witness the outpouring of love from this community. May we all be held in such warmth and grace when it is our time to go on to the next realm. Around 1:25am, I saw several flashes of a deep, radiant purple circle of light in my peripheral vision and knew it was you, reassuring me and all of us that you are in peace and love in the Great Beyond. I will hold your teachings in my heart and spirit always.All my love to you sweet soul sister -Robin

Kala_and_river2Meditating with you in spirit dear Ix’chel..As I sit on the edge the bayou at dusk, lighting a candle & tiki torches feeling your passion your spirit- the delight that we have shared when our creative spirits have danced and weaved such sweet magick. A mist began dancing over the bayou as the setting sun shined an amber pink glow through the rolling fog. A mystical night now the moon shining bright. Memories of us basking in the full moon’s glow one winters night , singing with laughter and tears while making snow angles. Such an honor to have crossed paths with such a vibrant fairy goddess. you will be missed..your spirit is with me always. With love & light your sophia sister- Vivia

We lit a candle and are holding sweet love for you. You are a totally magical person and everything that happens to you is deep, meaningful, and real in every moment. You are a healer and a teacher and have touched our lives deeply. To think of you is to smile and to see the humor in any situation. Sending you a long Reiki-soaked warm hug. -Alison

There must be something auspicious and sacred about yesterday. So many amazing souls whom I appreciate and care about were birthed on March 8, including YOU sweet Ix’chel. I am so grateful for your earth walk and that you continue to bless my life from the spirit world. Now you reside in the womb of the Universe. May this next journey for you be deeply fulfilling and without suffering. Wishing you well always dear sister! I carry your heart with me, and look forward to when we meet again, somewhere in the realms. Love you always in all ways sweetness. -Grace

20141003_160208In my many years I have never met a more loving, mystical, positive enlightening soul. How do I celebrate you
Music it is all around musical poetic of Wendy Rule
Your art which beautifies my walls a candle you made to light the way a letter you wrote expressing your love
The aroma of incense fills the air music takes me to a time when you danced around a fire chanting to the sun and moon on a cool October night
You are and will always be amazing
We are all travelers in the wilderness of the world
The best that we can find in our travels is a friend lover sister
Your presence is all around us you are the music I listen to
The air I breathe water I drink you are in my heart forever
I see you in the moon in the stars you are loved on this day and all days  -Gail

Dearest Kala Snowflower, this is how I remember you: the grandest heart with an ever-present smile. It seemed every year I saw you, you only grew younger. I never knew of one bad bone in your body, and you shone to me in that maternal way that very few can: golden, organic, comforting, embracing. Over the years, we met too few times, but each time was gloriously heartfelt and distinctly solid. I remember you as a wondrous white magical witch, with declarative potions that would make me smile in the hardest of times. I remember the scents of candles and oils and just how very much you appreciated every song I would sing to you and for you. Your poems could be surpassed by no one, at least in my mind. Your eyes twinkled more than anyone I met then or now: you were the ebullient elf-mermaid who could accomplish anything! I know that you are the next shooting star I will notice in the heavens on the most moonlit night; and I will remember that for some reason we seemed to meet every time on our physical moons, and thus I know you will continue to be my sister through space and time. Thank you for doing all the glorious work you have done on this earth and now from above! Loving you always, and a song to you in the Heavens. – Parama

young michelleMany blessings dear sister..with great sadness I say goodbye.
I will carry you with joy, deep in my heart,
for your dazzling light will inspire my spirit for eternity ~ xoxo  -Vivia

Through my child-eyes you were always this absolutely beautiful, magical, and mystical goddess… and as I have grown up, that has never changed. I would look at you and wish that I would grow up to be just like you :*) Your spirit is immense and passionate, and I can feel you everytime I look at, or wear, the tiny elephant necklace you gave me so many years ago in my childhood. Thank you for having been here on this earth to have shared your soul with mine. You have been and always will be in my heart. I love you -Brittany