Rainbow Reflections: Ocala, FL


Alone in the trance
I remember moments
like the sun that flickered
between palmetto
poised and ready
to fly through air, piercing
a Spanish imposition, keeping back

with their metal buttons
glinting, their swords reflecting
cypress gleaming green as their skin
after the poison settled into flesh
rotten as their intentions.
This was before they learned
and burned it all down, claiming

a scorched land
and killing the natives
who wept not for themselves
but for the trees gone
and the land never the same

since Ponce de Leon found the eternal spring

where these days Russian, German, French
tourists bathe their wrinkled faces
doing nothing to keep out the alligators.

Alone in the dance
I discover again
from the lips of my swamp brother
oak and pine medicine
and gratitude
pouring out of my shiny sister
who serves up love
in a New Orleans kitchen
out there in Babylon, Louisiana
where the billboards catch
between messages.
She walks to work
breathing in mold spores
and flaking plaster, cannabis

singing out from
doorways, ignored by the cops
who all see
that the hippies
the people.

Listen, all is revealed to you.
Your perfect thighs
are my thighs
your perfect breasts
my own.
Everything I come across
I offer you.
Everything I ask for
you give to me.
Your children
are my children.
My blanket is yours.
Everyone is fed here.
But first
we circle
hold hands
look into eyes
shining and soft
thank each other
the stars we are
crumbling toward
and Gaia
Mother of us