Venus in Aquarius

The branches



flowing like water


moving with

the sky.


I realize

how limitless

my love

how loving you

is loving her

how my joy

is her joy

how each moment

of ecstacy

I open

opens her

and you



I realize

there is no difference

or conflict

in loving

you both

as well as the multitudes

that surround us.


How all of this loving,

simultaneous, divine is pure



So filled

with my love for you

And for her

and for all

I dance among the leaves

sing to tiny buds swelling

become one with the sky

while the sun warms my face

with kisses


until in a swoon of caresses

I fall softly

against bark


into this flute

my deepest



Golden then

squirrel comes

brings news of Spring

in each strand

of shiny fur


blessing us all

with a moment as rare

and enveloping

as the turkey’s

spiraling call

inviting us into

yet another



So we dance.