True Love

You might say Alex Grey brought us together.

Our hair brushed the edges of Sophia,

Our fingertips touched The Kiss.

Or it may have been that hallway,

Narrow enough to entrap us like netted haddock,

It obliged the love struck to see your golden halo.

And I knew, this one. 

I was with my other lover then

And you searched green singles.

We became friends under my secret crush.

Future brought us closer and then together.

You might say acid brought us together. 

Or DMT.  You might call this faery or elf or angel.

Even alien. 

You might say aliens brought us together

And our Venusian wedding The Hot Event of the Season.

All the Gods and Goddesses showed.

Especially Dionysus with bare chested maidens.

You might sat the Gods brought us together.

You golden, me moon bright,

We took our place among them.

There is no part of me that is not one with the Gods.

You can come along to the God Hall

Where amazing things happen.

Like mortals growing wings.

Like finding my life partner at an acid party.

Like everybody holding hands, crying joy to the dawn.

You might say tribe brought us together.

For me, it will always be Alex Grey.