Open Me

the light shines
the dark forest beckons
enter me
as the twilight lingers
embraces the clouds
with softest touches of caresses.

Let poetry come, pour through me.

My tongue on your
My lips on your
Your labia silken glitters
reflecting the moon.

Cowrie shells and conch
a blood red
tide swells inside
the new born boy child
who once gave
milk from his breasts
and the infant girl child
giving her first blood
at birth.

Relics of connection.
The umbilical joining
breathing, tasting
with our Mother,
all giving and giving
and even in the expelling
still giving

the first breath
the first
singular experience
the first cry for the love of connection
the illusion of disconnect resolved
in flesh upon flesh

so that every time we touch
we dissolve and merge
with skin, muscle
fat and bone, inhabit
the womb every time we touch
the safety, the comfort, the shared
becomes us.

Maya, we are One.

As the Gaian Mind
embraces each finger
tiny toe.

On our bellies, drinking
from Mother Earth

we erupt
we spasm
we settle
we cry,
we rage
we engage,
we grow

In the Gaian Mind
there is no separation.

We are always
giving forth
her milk.
Always bleeding
her blood.
Always drinking
through our navels
sweet honey
the presence
the source of our own hearts.

We are One.