Master of Space and Time

for Shiva

You hold the world, 

King of Space and Time

and all the beauty we create

you make possible. 

Do you remember when we first met?

The bodies of divine Alex Gray

sending us to swoon

and the molecule showing us

the way to reach the moon?

You were surrounded in golden light,

the light of the crowned one. 

Man enough for my woman

you received the call of the dark Queen,

invited her to tea even,

soothed her ire and took off her dress.

She was most impressed at your courage

and even told the White Queen all about it,

so when you entered the bright place

she served you cakes and wild goat milk

and as many dreams as you could eat.

And then Princess Red and Maiden Black

showed up wearing nothing but corsets

and the party really started to swing.

So much happened then.

Night gave up her stars

making your eyes shine

to match your sword.

In the darkest hours before dawn,

I saw you glow without waver

from the center of the macrocosmic mote.

Holding hands, we walked into twilight

our hands tied with a silk ribbon

and maidens trailing behind with flowers.

And here we are again at the beginning.

Our bodies divine flying beyond the galaxy,

molecules dispersing and rearranging

the beauty we create.  Your hands open

to hold the new world.

Do you remember?