from “Neptune Baby”


(for all Beloveds everywhere)

I see you Love
open wide the stars on your body
reflect my eyes
I know you somehow
a non-local Mystery
this slip in the wave
that is me, that is us
riding the ecstasy
we are flowing along
the river that is time
you loved me then
and now I love you
and know what is always
is this continuum.

There is a bridge of light
the spider’s song
lulled me into
the lure of her web
and I flew through Universes
there are countless upon more
than anyone imagines
and somewhere far away
a being knows Joy
to hear my call to the moon.

Along the wave one day
when my flesh is ash
she will hear my voice
and know me
and know
there is never an end
to this glory of apple trees, pear and cherry
embracing the summer morning,
no end to lotus flame flicker over pond,
to dark snake slither into muck and corpses,
to willow arms graceful caressing us deeper
as we dance for the spearmint by the door
here in Western North Carolina.

Here in this space and time
where sometimes rhyme follows
the rhythm of weed wackers
and wifi energy floating by dangerous
yet connecting, connecting us
to each other now
when we most need it
when every act means so much
when we face either the end of it all
or the beginning of rebirth.

Jesus, come down from the cross
and join the feast!
It is your lover’s birthday
and she is hungry for your skin
against her lips.
She is hungry for the bliss
of your kisses.
She is hungry for fruit from the vine,
goat cheese and wine, sprouted bread and sesame.
She is hungry for your touch
that heals not only yourself
but the world.