There are times for short and sweet.

Then there are times to linger

long and lush until dawn.

Both ways can be found here

in this house, both ways

to ecstasy embellished

on the tip of my tongue.

Today, we’ll take the scenic route.

Envision the place as round,

altars surround you;

Aphrodite basks in amethyst glow.

In the center on soft cushions, you wear

under garments of flowers and dew.

The sound of waterfall gushes

from a balcony over your head.

Lover with his fingers and eyes

caresses your cheek to arouse

the divine murmer,

the yes that invites him



into scarlet and purple


He explores every crevice,

every cupboard

that beckons, every

door that holds a secret.

You invite him deeper

into places unknown

even to yourself

until this moment.

Together you descend—

twin ribbons unravel

from your hair

and over the banister.

The two of you

risk all, hold ribbons,

leap midair

and slide down spiraling.

The ascension happens

all at once;

you levitate, shine,

shoot up through the roof

to stars.

Colors twirl and dart,

wings flap and flip,

higher and higher

until floating

on a wish

you come