Turquoise holds me.

Scalloped hands whisk me

through blue bubbles.

Fins slap me down

through mermaid lands;

jade cold startles new gills.

I come to where cavern holds ancients.

Drum beat calls deeper

and the old man beckons.

I kneel, bow and receive diamond light

in the occiput, receive the give of the Maya.

Alone then, I go down further even.

Fabric melts away, then flesh,

muscles merge into liquid

before bones crumble and fall among

discarded shells and coral.

“You are nothing.  You are nothing.

You are gone.”



Emptiness holds me in the aftermath of Be.

Aeons pass without me.

I who once existed.


rainbow light, jewels of twilight

surround the space, swirling,

twirling, cobalt rises,

golden breath, vermillion

pathways connect heart to hand,

head to belly.

Rose edges tornado into form.

I churn in the maelstrom.

New legs spread wide.

Open eyes.

A new world, new skin, bones,

a discovery.

 A new woman emerges from the water wailing,

held in the arms of Cenote.