I Go

We married in the shadow of Bread Loaf in Vermont.

Remember the day we climbed to its pinnacle?

Dosed as we were, how we let a crazy man be our guide

into wilderness.  We found out when nearly at the top,

He told us of his epic escape from the mental hospital.

It was then we understood we were all tripping up that mountain.

I wore my red and white bathing suit like a cheerleader.

I crawled on my knees and felt each breeze up and down

my kundalini.  I drank stream water while our guide drank

from an old stump.  We left him there at the top before anything

got weird.  Coming down, we wandered to the Rainbow fire.

And there, Dagen and Dan and family sang and drummed and danced.

Right there where on another day we conjured fae and joined

among shining ones.  Union of opposites.  Yin and yang.  Priestess and

Priest. Man and Woman.  Night and Day.  All reconciled there.  In that

moment all duality became one precious wild embodiment.  Heaven and Hell bethrothed.

Death into Life and Life into Death.  Me into you and you into me.  One love. 

One love.  One love.