From The Godzilla Chronicles (2014)

Godzilla Dream #2

The city was leveled.

Chunky concrete, once buildings,

lay scattered.  Broken glass reflected yellow glints

of a new day.  The small children ran from what was

basement to basement.  Cellar life saved them from

She who destroys with a step.  She who has snacked

on their kind in between elephants, an occasional whale.

She of thunder step and fingernails like swords.

Humans for Her an after dinner mint, a sticky sweet treat.

Homo Sapiens now live like rats among dinosaur.

They no longer sing or dance or make beautiful things.

All they have made crushed and crumbling.

They live in their own waste

and have lost their religion.

Soon perhaps the sacrifices will begin.

As if this reptilian Goddess would listen.

As if she would bargain with a snack.

As if she could understand a word of the pleas

and take the virgin and leave the rest alone.

Ha!  Well, if it makes them feel better.

These haunted, hunted, harassed by a sky scraper with scales.

Scurry, scuttle, run, run, run!

The Lizard Queen,

She comes.

After the scramble into silence, the earth shakes with Her every step.

Somewhere underground a child laughs.