From “Feast (2012)

End of Time

Woa Ha Hi

The time has come.

The time has come.

No more waiting for the clouds to descend,

fall upon the head of this body,

gather me up in creamy folds of plush:

a soft ride to heaven and my lips open for singing.

The time has come.

No need to wait for the perfect edge of verse

to attach to my magnet, to polarize

vision to the epitome of what it is to be blue

sky, or redder than blood, or golden yellow beech

leaf falling.

The time to open the bright foil gift wrapped package

sent straight from Antartica and filled

with the life and times of penguins.

Time to finally catch Santa as he falls

down brick to hearth, to offer him

sugar cookies from my small palm, to hear

the depth of his HO HO HO ringle rangle to my core.

The time has come to let loose the horses in the stall,

allow the soft brown mare to run again from plain

to plain into extraordinary speed, fed by joy,

by free at last, by cliff leaping fool love creating

pathways in the chaos of landscape, architecture

designed to fall away as I fall away,

as the life I know passes away in its time.

Here now the buildings gleam like glazed pots

set in the sun and decorated with the glittering,

shimmering, brilliant story of my life.

The time has come

to let the river flow, release the dams that have held

back the water’s ecstatic gush to the sea, to let words,

song, dance, pantomime run free over the stones,

the dirt, against the bank that is my body, that holds

the torrent, the easy flow, the trickle.


has come.

The calendar whizzes us all into breathtaking

sojourns into the lightning flash

change of all we ever knew

that we have waited for.

And now we welcome, heads thrown back,

pink, etheric yonis opening wide in the center

of our chests—receiving, receiving

Time, swallowing Time whole,

becoming one with Time,

and thus Time, no longer separate from us,

does not hold us to any yesterdays

or tomorrows.

Only Now.

Now has come.

Has always been here.

And now we see

And now we are

And now ever be

the ones we are waiting for.

The ones we are waiting for.

The One we are waiting for.

The One we are.

As each facet, you love and me,

rise to greet the end of time,

sing each our story,

melodies and harmonies entwined,

DNA of angels play harps and drums,

we dance around the fire to the call of our bodies,

our spirits rising with the smoke of song.

Yes, we reach to make love with the infinite black night.

Yes, we hold hands as we swirl and twirl

into endless upward spirals of delight.




We Howl

to the ever holy bliss beat

of now love

now life,

now a soft blown kiss

now carried by the wind to stars

now dance

now dream

now live this life moment to moment

to blessed moment

as creators, as one with source

as healers moving beyond the illusion

of you as separate from me

as us as separate from them

we come together, right now,

right now,

Right Now.