Golden angel fly and fly,
ride the horse of darkening

cloud, release the day,
enter night–
I call you.

Ariel spreads his wings
and down goes the edifice
crumbling to the ground.
Stones kiss again
Mother Earth,
become again
hidden treasures.

Hematite, malachite, sparkling

quarry seduces the moon light;
my fingertips
initiate a threesome.

Liquid eyes held my own still.
So different from the moody
and wild storms of the mirror,
his soft sea glass underwater mute.
He kissed me then, soothing my fear
of him and whispered

“all that lasts
will crumble
all you try to save
will fall
all you create
will be destroyed,

no worries,

come now, follow me

inside, breathe again deep down
and deeper, through