City of Lovers


You kissed me in the dream, and I knew

you would only kiss me now in that landscape.

Still, I remember your mouth and its hunger,

the scent of your hair like old gloves

reaching for my fingers.


This time we will not be together.


But I knew you once and while it is not enough,

another conjures some archaic claim over the land of me,

even while I imagine a world where lovers

are indigenous to my city, where I have become

a city of lovers.


If I were to attend to the duties of my passion,

I would come to you now in this early morning hour.

You would open your door for me and let me inside.

We would love all afternoon without fear of hurting him

or anyone, especially ourselves in this.


Come disappear with me for awhile.

We will fly to the red planet

and make a river in the sandbox of dreams.