for River

Tiny squares slot together, fit

in perfect patterns to make

a drawbridge that rises and falls

between lions that never roar.

My fingers tremble, hold the pieces,

consider the design

and follow the directions.

This is easier than I thought.

When I was little, there were

dolls and dresses

Easy Bake Ovens

and Lightbright.

Over and over

I drew castles for princesses

who married knights on horses,

fashioned gowns out of bed sheets

to match my paper crown.

Now, playing in a small boy’s room

I delve, dive into the world

of architecture, form

and function, making the world

out of tiny plastic shapes.

The king with his golden sword

motions and catapults throw

spit balls at the bad guys.

Behind the walls I built

with still soft hands

all the little men cheer.