Breathe Me


Child of fire

dance in the light

come to the playground

of the night.


I will be waiting

with starshine and song.


I will be dreaming you

into being.


A gorgeous wind weathered

the face of the cliff side.

The ravens circled, called

our name, calling

us home.


One step over the edge

came the death of this self

same form.


One step over the ledge


takes me along.


So many places, faces

take me again to the sea

where I dive deep, deeper into

the depths of me.


I am the Ocean.

I swim in my tide.


I am the Wind.

I fly on my breath.


I am the Earth.

I dance on my skin.


I am the Fire.

I make love in my heat.


All we are

dancing on a mote.


All we are

particles through space.


All we are

whitens like dandelion.


All we are

breathes free.