kala_river_in_snowI have been writing poetry for a long, long time.  When I was five years old I discovered verse in my local library and the excitement of the form so excited me that I begged for poetry books and received the Louis Untermeyer’s Golden Book of Poetry for Christmas soon after.  The anthology introduced me to the work of many great poets: Robert Louis Stevenson, Carl Sandburg, Longfellow, Wordsworth.  I loved reading this book and emulating the writers with my own words, my own images, my own experiences of my world, my own experiences with the awe I felt for being alive.

My father, an retired mechanical engineer, is by hobby a cosmologist.  Thus I grew up hearing about the Big Bang, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the concept of time travel, Hawkin’s String Theory, Black Holes.  I remember feeling so tiny as I sat in my chair listening to my father’s enthusiasm painting my inner vision with images of stars exploding, black holes sucking in all matter, our sun itself one day exploding probably long past human life on Earth.  My imagination was fueled by such stories of the countless galaxies, the countless potential for life out there in the cosmos.

Still, with all my fascination for space, I never wanted to be anywhere than here on planet Earth.  I remember walking into the woods near my home in the Boston suburbs and finding a special rock that I told no one about.  Next to the rock a long, thin young pine provided partial shade for the otherwise sunny stone.  I would lay there, feeling the shafts of sunlight warming my skin and daydream about animals speaking my name, about fun things I would be doing or wanted to do, about angels coming down to earth to play.  And I would speak with God in the way I knew how.

Although raised Catholic and knowing those prayers, when I truly spoke with God it was not through the prayers I was taught.  God communicated with me through the images surrounding me.  Like how the light beams would stream down through the summer green leaves to dance around my earlobes and whisper to me the song of light.  Thus I treasured and nurtured my relationship with God, with the Universe, with Source, with Being, with the soul that is me that takes in all and distills it through this body, this channel for Universal Light and Love, until the pure essence emerges.

Poetry thus has been for me a way to See God who for me is no gender but embodies both female and male, to Hear God who speaks  through me in fresh language not at me through the interpretations of others, to Speak to God who listens in my need to be heard, and to Fly with God who gave me wings, who gave me life, who gives me the ability to do anything, who shows me day after day how anything is possible.

Here you will find my collection of poetry books which I see as communications between myself and the Universe as I grew and learned my way in the world.  Through the stages of my life, many of which seem so vastly different from one another that it feels as though I’ve lived several lives, poetry has been the constant.  Poetry has been my way to relate with the world within and without and to make sense of it all.  Or in the absence of sense to come to a place of peace through acquainting myself with the myriad emotions and the way that these emotions connect in with the concrete world of form and bring a sense if not of understanding, of belonging to the chaotic, often unfathomable story that is my life on planet Earth.  And through this to come to a sense of belonging to the ineffable, great Mystery that lies beyond this dance with form.

I hope you enjoy my life’s work.  For those of you not as well acquainted with poetry, I suggest that you read the poems out loud and that you not attempt to understand them, but instead feel how the words feel in your body, how they sound slipping off of your tongue, see the images that the words attempt to describe as you would a painting or a landscape before you.  In my experience the way to understand poetry is by diving into the picture painted and the sound sung and through this total immersion with the Word to come to a feeling within that brings an understanding that sometimes our logical brain understands, but most often that only our hearts can truly know.  Listen to your heart and poetry will speak to you.

Thank you for reading my verse.  I had so much fun creating it!