lightOver the years I have felt confusion.   Am I a poet or am I a healer?  My love for poetry started young.  My love for helping those around me is even older.  Throughout my life I have focused either on my work as a poet or my work as a healer.  It seemed the two paths would take me in vastly different directions.  Thus I would spent months focused on writing, art and dance, followed by months focusing on learning and practicing Reiki, natural health and specific healing practices to help me become a more clear channel for healing.  Up until now I have never felt at peace with these two sides of myself.  Up until quite recently I did not see how my work as an artist and my work as a healer stem from the same source and serve similar functions.

As I poet I dive down and deep with courage and the ability to look at anything without turning my eyes away and let the words that come teach me.

As I healer I also dive into the darkness with the courage and conviction that anything is possible and that the way will be revealed to me.

Both require for me a willingness to look deep, the courage to keep looking and the ability to hold what I find with the dignity that each epiphany asks for:  to be heard and considered and embraced as a template for new ways of writing, new ways of being in harmony with the whole.

My inner self has so much to teach me.  Through my chosen roles as poet and healer I open myself to the infinite wisdom within and without.  I open myself to growth.  Thus each discipline heralds the course of my enlightenment.  Each poem I channel, every bit of healing energy I connect with helps me to become a more aware, conscious and loving person.  Both services I offer, channeling words and energy, have in common that they each offer my soul the knowledge that comes through experience and the contemplation of experience.  They each offer a way to connect in with the world of spirit where the energy of creativity and healing abide.

As a poet I am learning how to bear sorrow, pain and live with difficulty.  Poetry gives me a tool to express my feelings and open myself to new ways of being.  Poetry is the balance that I need when things get hard.  Poetry can help weigh things in another direction so that suffering feels less important in the scheme of my entire life.

As a healer, particularly with my own journey with cancer, I am learning that it is possible to heal anything.  That the key to this is Balance.  Thus day to day I am working to create balance in my body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit.

I have learned through my diving deep journeying into the center of fear that I am both Poet and Healer.  That both functions serve my greater purpose in life which is to express my deep truth in the hopes that this expression with help myself and others to heal.

I am here to offer inspiration.

I am here to offer courage.

I am here to offer an example of another way.

I am here to speak my words and let the words become white heat in my hands with which I touch the world.

I am here for me.

I am here for you.

I am here.