closeupWhen I was a child the kids called me Owl Eyes because of the way I looked at everything, everyone, with the wide, staring eyes of a poet empath.  I did not know then that when I stared deeply at a person or a thing, I was taking in their essence, feeling who or what they were and letting the feelings and impressions teach me about people, about life, about, love, desire, fear, hatred, insecurity, excitement, joy and awe.

As a child I disliked the name the kids gave to me.  I felt it set me apart.  I knew it was not considered “normal” to dive into the world of vision and impressions as I did.  I was ashamed to be called Owl Eyes.

Much later it occurred to me that there is a whole other side to being Owl Eyes that I never considered.  Owls are thought to be wise in our culture.  Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, is accompanied by an owl and the owl is a symbol for intellectual knowledge, truth.  Owls have amazing vision, hearing and are expert hunters, flying through the forest and swooping down in the darkness at the sight of a tiny, running mouse.

It is this ability to see far and wide and deep down into things that set me apart from many others.  It is this ability that allows me to hear the voices within as clearly at times as I hear my lover’s voice whispering in my ear.  It is this centering, perched on a branch high up, illuminated by moonlight and speaking out what I see, what I hear that has been a great asset to my being able to move through life’s challenges with grace, if not always with ease.

It is these beautiful brown owl wings that I spread and stretch as I leap off from the highest branch and soar over the land into the darkest forest, into the brightest star, or into your home, these wings that take me wherever I wish to go, whenever I wish to go.  Well, here I go!